14 industry experts on the future of attribution

Consumers interact with your brand across a dizzying number of channels, touchpoints and devices. The average person today has four to six connected devices and switches constantly from one to the other. It’s harder than ever to know whether your ads and other marketing tactics are reaching the right audience—or making an impact. The average marketer doesn’t have the ability to consolidate data to understand the influence of touchpoints across digital and traditional channels.

At the same time, an industry-wide focus on enhancing consumer privacy and data security has raised the bar for trust and transparency. New regulations and technology changes make collecting, tracking, measuring and other data-related practices more challenging.

For this report, Nielsen asked 14 industry experts two questions to help marketers navigate this challenging environment:

  • How should marketers prepare for an increasingly complex customer journey?
  • What measurement strategies and tactics do marketers need to be successful today and in the future

Use their answers as a resource to help improve marketing effectiveness and develop strategy so your brand can thrive. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “14 Industry Experts on the Future of Attribution,” from Nielsen.

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